US rock band Metallica have
achieved a new Guinness World
Records title after becoming the
first musical act to play a concert
on all seven of Earth’s continents.
The band set the record after
they entertained 120 scientists
and competition winners in a
transparent dome at Carlini
Station in Antarctica on Sunday.
Metallica actually performed on all
seven continents in a calendar
year, following tour dates in
North America, South America,
Europe, Africa, Asia and
Australasia in 2013.
Sunday’s hour-long show,
appropriately dubbed “Freeze
‘Em All”, saw the rock band
perform ten tracks including hits
such as “One”, “Enter Sandman”
and “Nothing Else Matters”.

Unlike regular Metallica gigs the
Antarctica concert was held
without traditional amplification
due to the icy continent’s fragile
Amplifiers were instead enclosed
in isolation cabinets, with the
sound transmitted to the
audience via headphones, similar
to “silent discos” sometimes
found at music festivals.
Click below to watch the band
play their song ‘For Whom the
Bell Tolls’ during the gig.

The competition to win tickets
for the concert was organized in
conjunction with Coca-Cola Zero
for Metallica fans in Argentina,
Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and
Mexico. The winners were invited
on a week-long Antarctic cruise
that stopped off at Carlini for the
concert on 8 December.
Argentina’s Carlini Station is
located on King George Island in
the South Shetland Islands,
Antarctica, and is named after
the Argentine scientist Alejandro
Ricardo Carlini. The station was
erected in 1982 and is only
accessible by air and water via
Base Marambio.


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